About BBC

Welcome to the BBC
Bacon Breakfast Cafe in the city of Marysville.
…at BBC we aim to please.

  • Why will you get out of the comfort of your home and out of your home cooking time?
  • Why will you spend money on a meal that you can make at home?
  • Could the service, quality, and love of my Mom’s meal, or my Wife’s cooking be matched by a breakfast place?

These are the questions that we all ask ourselves…but we do it when is too late…you already had the meal, and it was not good and the service was mediocre.
At BBC, we have been on the other side of the court, and yes!. It is very frustrating spending money that we do not have for a poor experience.
Our mission with BBC is to strive every day to provide that home cooking and loving experience on each meal. Our vision is to be the best breakfast café in your town.

The way breakfast should be served!